Modelkraft Show 8th May 2022

 Well, it was a long way to go - a good 2 hours in the car and I was lucky that I wasn't involved in the set up as some of them were up at 5am! The stand looked very good.  I have just got a new camera so the video I took could do with some adjustments. Hopefully, I will have it licked in time for the next club meeting.

Apologies for the video as it  is a brand new camera and I am still getting to grips with it.

Anyway, it was a well attended show with innumerable club stands and more trade stands than you could mention. I managed to purchase one kit (Tamiya 35366 - M10 Achilles) at a good price. I was looking for some suitable paints when I came across my old friend Jon Paige on his Sphere stand. It seems that he isn't doing any more shows, which is a pity. However, he did me a great deal on some Vallejo British armour and some German tri-colour sets.

I took a few photos of the stand as well. Unfortunately, John Ovendon and John Teagle were off out enjoying themselves leaving Peter Terry and John Rose to attend the stand. I must say, they both look very busy! (I think that this is the first time since I have known John Rose (around 2005!) that I got a picture of him without him giving me a rude sign!). You  can double click on all the images to see a bigger version.

May 2022

 A busy night tonight. There was lots to see and lots to say. I got a bit bogged down so missed making the "Featured model" video so once again you are getting mine as I could take it on the next day.

This is an Eduard 1/144th scale "Tante Ju" or Junkers Ju-52 as it is better know within the WWII German Army.

Ok so back to the table in alphabetical order:

Bill Banks

Bill, as usual, made a lot of work for himself by tackling an Airfix Fairey Swordfish. He thought that it was a re-pop of an old kit but Peter informed him that it dated from 2012 so Bill was quite surprised that it was a "difficult" kit. Mind you, he made it more difficult by deciding to fold the wings. This boy likes a challenge. When I can get it done, he has written up a short note about the build. It depicts an aircraft from 822 squadron H.M.S. Courageous c1939.

David Pennington

David's entry was a minute 1/144th scale model of a Junkers Ju52 (know as "Tante Ju" by the soldiers dependent upon it for supplies). This is from an Eduard kit. The only extra needed was the swastika.

Jeff Adams

Two of Jeff's usual astounded models. The first is an early Panther Ausf A from Dragon in 1/35th scale. Jeff says it was "mainly out of the box but with ATAK resin zimmerit anti-magnetic paste."

Jeff's second model harks back to my youth when I was a foolish enough to toy with a Historex Imperial Guardsman. I gave up as making all the belts and slings defeated me. Not so Jeff, though. If you don't know, all of the belts and horse rigging all come in wide sheets of fabric leaving it to you to cut them to width, length andd paint them. Full marks to Jeff for this example of a Waterloo campaign Light Dragoon, 1815.

Don't forget to double-click on these images to see them win their full size glory. From there, you can click on ctrl+ (or command+ on a Mac) to enlarge them even further!

John Ovendon

John is another one that does beautiful work with German armour. His two contributions for tonight were both in tri-coloured camouflage with a winter wash and heavily weathered. The zimmerit on the Panther is made up from wood filler and some Humbrol model putty! First up is a Meng 1/35th scale Panther (or PzKfw V) Ausf A (which, John says, has too many parts!).

The second model is a PzKfw IV Ausf G. which is an Airfix boxing of an Academy kit.

John Rose

I have to admit that I got confused with John's four contributions to the table so I will list them as he wrote them down and then put of the images so you can work them out for yourself.
  1. Amusing Hobbies Panther II - he says "amusing is correct - parts are not too easy to put together."
  2. Dragon Panther II - evidently this has a different turret from the one above (later, he says).
  3. Dragon Panther 37mm anti-aircraft tank
  4. Italeri BergePanther - this one may be obvious 😆😆.

Peter Carlo

Peter admitted, at the meeting, that his big interest is post-war jets. I would never have known - grin. Here, he a brought along two Israeli examples. First up is a Revell F15E Strike Eagle in 1/48th scale of which he says it was a nice kit and built from the box but with the usual Revell instructions.

The second model was a Kinetic F-16 - again a nice kit but with lots of spares left over!

You have seen nothing until you have seen the underside of these modern jets that Peter builds. Have a look at these two.

Peter Terry

This is an Airfix Sabre Dog, or more exactly an F-86D in 1/72nd scale built from, as Peter puts it, a "golden oldie" boxing. Peter mentioned that Airfix are to shortly release a new moulding but I didn't record the scale.


Peter tells us that Airfix are shortly to release the K2Y WWII ambulance in 1/35th scale which is eagerly awaited. Unfortunately, Airfix have not obtained the rights to "Ice Cold In Alex" so it will be left to 3rd party suppliers to meet the needs of the correct decals and figures!

April 2022

 Hello everyone.  A fairly quiet meeting on the whole with only a few models on the table. Thank goodness for the two Johns, who between them,  showed us 8 models! Anyway, first up is the video of my pick of the day. I had to choose this one as you will see from the comments about it later. Nominally,  made by Peter Carlo, it is a Tamiya 1/48th scale Messerschmitt bf109G

The Table

Peter Carlo

Peter brought two models along with both of them what you might call hybrids. First up is the bf109G shown above.

This was originally one of my (DP) kits. It was to be my first attempt at a WWII German fighter since I was a lad. However, I brought it along to a club social evening to get suggestions as to why the wings wouldn't fit. Being a Tamiya kit, I knew it must be something I had done. Peter Carlo looked at it and worked out that I had the cockpit in incorrectly. As I still wasn't keen on doing something of this genre, I gave him the model and suggested that he fix the problem and then finish the model. It turns out that a quick twist with a modelling knife and the cockpit came out. It was, evidently, easily refitted in the correct position. Peter says that, in his opinion, this isn't one of the best Tamiya kits but he has made a nice job of it.

The second model from Peter is another one donated to him, this time by John Teagle (who wasn't here, unfortunately, to see the final result). This one is a HobbyBoss BAe Hawk Mk. 1a in 1/48th scale. Again, Peter has finished the build and done his usual nice paint job. This time, the Hawk is in an "interceptor" low visibility scheme.

John Ovendon

John brought three nice models along, all armour based. The first is a Dragon 1/35th M16 Gun Carriage mounting 4 x 50cal machine guns (know as the Meat Grinder) for air defence in Europe, 1944. This would have had a Polish crew. It has luggage  items from "Value Gear" (or at least that's how I understood it).

Next up was an M4 Sherman Wader from Italeri. The kit depicts one in the Pacific campaign but John has set it as in Europe on D-Day.

Lastly, John showed us a Takom "Elite" 1/35th scale model of a PzKfw III Ausf. M representing Panzer Lehr on the Western Front.

John Rose

John brought 5 models along with two of them being "work in progress" which he didn't want photographed so here are two of the three finished items.

Firstly, there was a Tamiya 1/35th King Tiger to which John had attached the Tamiya stick-on Zimmerit. Comment - "really good".

For some reason, I only got photos of one of the Archer vehicles. I think it is the Tamiya one. John thought that the individual track links were "not friendly". The missed item was a Bronco Archer which he considered less tricky than the Tamiya kit to build. Anyway here is what I have.

Personally, I think that that is one of the most boring models I have ever seen - sorry John.

David Pennington

David (Me) brought a 120mm figurine from the Mitches Models stable. This was a representation of Guy Gibson ready to fly. David was given the figuring as a completed but unpainted model so the finishing is all down to him. He had trouble getting the correct blue for the RAF shirt but eventually used an RLM blue which seemed to fit the bill.

Peter Terry

Last up is an unusual subject for a what-if! This is a 1/72nd scale KP kit of a Convair Pogo. This was an unsuccessful attempt at building a vertical takeoff aircraft. KP took the unusual step of issuing the kit with a series of "what-if" decals including the UK and Japan. Peter chose to use the Japanese markings. Hopefully, he will complete an RAF on for us to see soon.


That's it for today. See you on 28th April for the next social meeting and 5th May for the next full club meeting. Don't forget that you can click on all the images to see larger copies. Thanks for watching!


Modelkraft Show 8th May 2022

 Well, it was a long way to go - a good 2 hours in the car and I was lucky that I wasn't involved in the set up as some of them were up ...