October 2021

 Well, this was the first meeting since this year where the journey both ways was in the dark. Winter draws on, as we used to say. A small group made it but there were a nice few models to show. First off, we have the feature video. I had better explain why you only see 1/72nd scale aircraft and up to 1/35th scale armour. This is because anything larger doesn't really fit either on the turntable or into the photo booth - sorry.

Now let's get down to the models on the table.

Bill Banks

Bill brought along his finished Me 163B-1. This is a "centuries old" Airfix kit and Bill had a lot of fun investigating it and then making it. Bill says that "the aircraft portrays one from 2 AG Brandis. The airfields for these had to be under the Fortress flight paths  en-route to their targets as their flight time was only 12 minutes (up from 2 1/2 originally, then 5 minutes!).  There was a radio aerial but it continually fell off, with Bill finding it on the table top!

David Pennington

David had recently completed the new Meng 1/24th scale Ford GT40 representing one that competed in the 1966 Le Mans 24 hour race - and was the subject of the film Le Mans 1966 with Matt Damon and Christian Bale. He painted it up to be the car driven by Ken Miles and Denny Hulme. He brought along his Fujimi GT40 that was painted for Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon.  It was intended that Ken Miles should win the race but Bruce nabbed him at the line. In fact, even if Bruce had been behind at the finish, he would still have won because of the way that the race was started in those days - all lined up side by side at the edge of the track. Bruce's car being further down the track meant that he had travelled the longest distance.

We did a comparison between the old Fujimi kit and the new Meng and came to the conclusion that the Fujimi kit was the better one! Paint on the No. 1 car was by Zero Paints (Hiroboy.com). This is a lacquer based paint and sprays brilliantly. However, you can't hand paint with it so great care is needed.

Gordon Fisher

I think that, at long last, Gordon has been able to see his models on the web site as he, himself, doesn't have internet access. This time he brought along an Airfix Mitsubishi A6M Zero which had been very nicely painted.

John Rose

John brought along his usual suitcase of models. This time, we saw 7 different work in progress models. Two of interest were being built as a couple of Sherman M4A2 that were part of the Trinity tests in the Arizona desert on 1945. They were being used to ascertain damage etc. However, John only allowed me to photograph one of the models as he felt that too much W.I.P.  was not needed on the blog. 

Anyway, I have one to show everyone. This is an ICM 1/35th scale BergPanther that has been converted to a what-if Flakvierling.

Peter Carlo

Pete brought along a couple of nicely finished 1/48th scale models. First up is a Revell Dassault Rafale 'C'.  Peter's comment is that is is a good kit with poor decals. It didn't need much filler and I am left with lots of spare parts!

His second model is a Kinetic 1/48th scale Lockheed F-104G Luftwaffe 'Widow Maker'. As usual, with Kinetic, it is a nice kit but very firm fitting so take care. It needed no filler - goodness me, how often can you say that?

Peter Terry

Peter, as is normal, brought along two very cleanly built 1/72nd scale WWII aircraft. The first is a Supermarine Spitfire Vc in desert camouflage. This is a KP kit. Peter really rates this manufacturer.

Note as in this picture, they even give you nice little decals for the built in recce cameras! A nice touch.

Secondly, Peter showed us a heavily weathered Hobby2000 kit (ex-Hasegawa) for a Douglas Dauntless SBD-5. Peter used some Print Scale decals for "3. SBD-5, 'White 51", NZ 5051, flown by F/Lt. J. W. Edwards & F/Sgt. L. A. Hoppe, No 25 Dove Bombing Squadron RNZAF, Piva, Bougainville, April-May 1944.". The interesting part of these is that the national insignia is repeated on both wings, both upper and lower. It is assumed that this is an attempt to stop their own flak and fighters from attacking them!


All in all, it was a good meeting. Peter handed out a list of dates for forthcoming meetings which I shall post of the club web site in the next week or so. Included are the dates for the "social" meetings. These are the 2nd meetings in each month where it is not expected to have a "let's go round the table" Rather, members will spend their time in social chit chat and. maybe, build a few models.  The next social evening is on 28th October so I shall see you all there.

September 2021

 Well, a good few (9) people but not too many models (7). Peter started off by confirming that the Brampton and Telford shows were definitely going ahead but warned that if you are going, it would be good to have a vaccine passport, which you can get on line from the NHS COVID Pass Letter page.

First up, there is a short video where I feature one of the models on the table. This not to be taken as "best on table" as the club doesn't hold competitions at the monthly meeting. It is taken purely because it is an interesting model. This time, it is John Ovenden's take on a medic-jeep using an Italeri kit as the base.

Right, on with the table. 

Bill Banks

Bill showed us the instructions to his current kit - an original Airfix 1:72nd scale Me163 Komit rocket fighter. He spent some time getting clear instructions regarding the camouflage but didn't get any absolute answer. He gave us a potted history of the aircraft. He kept the model at home so all I have is some images of the instructions. Bill does seem to go out of his way to tackle difficult topics!

Peter Terry

Peter brought along a couple of 1:72nd scale P-40 Kittyhawks. Both are from the Desert campaign. The first is an R.A.F. version in South African service. This is an AZ kit and made out of the box with some pastel shading.

The second is a Special Hobby kit for a USAAF version which was again built out of the box. Peter especially liked the Special Hobby kit and recommended it highly.

John Ovenden

John brought along a nice little Willys Jeep from an Italeri kit in 1:35th. He has converted it into a medic stretcher carrier using a MiniArt US Army driver.

Peter Carlo

Peter brought along three propellor driven aircraft for a change. His first model was an Airfix 1:48th scale Hawker Sea Fury. "It is a nice kit with little filler ", he says.

Next was a Trumpeter 1:48th scale Westland Wyvern. Peter says " It is a nice kit with little filler but quite complex to build"

Lastly, Peter showed us a Tamiya 1:48th scale Douglas Skyraider in US Navy markings.  His comment was "Typical Tamiya, next to no filler and good decals."

The underneath was quite special.

David Pennington

I brought along my finished Tamiya 1:48th Lockheed P-38 G Lightning. This is one of their recent kits and is, I would say, extra special. It even comes with three ball bearings - one in the nose and one in each boom. Needless to say, these are "just" good enough to stop it being a tail sitter. It is quire a couple kit but so long as you keep remembering "Tamiya" then everything will fit - eventually. I had trouble with the canopies and ended up using the open one. I ruined the No Step decal on one side of a canopy so had to buy a replacement set of P-38 stencils to get a full set of four again!

 The cockpit was particularly good in both construction and paint callouts so, for once, I have a decent one to show.


So that was all the table.  I still haven't sorted out the problems with the club web site so the blog remains the only presence. It will be fixed but...

Next month is the start of the two meetings months so we are all looking forward to that.

Don't forget!

You can click on any photo to get a much larger version and then just use then back arrow in the browser to get back to the blog.

August 2021 Meeting

 Nine of us turned up for an open meeting. Nice to be without masks and distancing. In addition, there was a new person - too soon to call him a member, plus I didn't get his details so he won't be on the e-mail distro. Never mind, I will catch him next time.

I am pushing the blog out early because I am still having large issues with the web site and it doesn't seem that I will be able to put the model table up on the site any time soon.

It was nice to see Gordon Fisher turn up for the first time since lockdown. He always brings a nice little model with him. This time it was an Airfix P-51D Mustang. I always choose a model at random to feature in a little video. This time it was Gordon's turn.

First off, there was a discussion regarding the extra meeting that was proposed for each month. Both Peter Carlo and I asked why the dates Peter Terry had set weren't the third Thursday, as we expected.  He pointed out that he had little choice and had to accept the dates that the Brotherhood hall had available, so that was that! It will be interesting to see how this works out. I will try and come and bring something that I am working on. It will be good to have a bit more company over a month.

The Table

There were 11 models on the table.

Gordon Fisher

As mentioned, Gordon brought along a very nicely finished Airfix 1:72nd scale P-51D Mustand on a little diorama base.

I realised, after making the video, that Gordon would never see it. Gordon does not have access to the internet. This has been the case ever since he joined the club. Given how important it is to my life, I can't imagine going through without it, but there we are.

David Pennington

I brought along my recently completed Airfix 1:72nd scale Bristol Beaufort. This is a recently produced kit that has an amazing 106 steps in the instructions. I found it to be a good kit to make. The undercarriage is very complex and is best left right until the end of the build. I chose the Dark Slate Grey and Extra Dark Sea Grey upper with black undersides. 

I ended up with two big issues, both of my own making. First off, I had some difficulty putting the mid-frame turret together and managed to get glue all over the transparencies. I also found, after I had fitted the chin gunpoint, that I had blocked up the small aerial hole so removed the gunpoint. When I came to fit the aerial, it had gone to the carpet monster and, then, I found that the gunpoint had gone the same way. I have looked extensively but I haven't found either. Never mind, it doesn't notice until you pick the plane up and, once I put it in my cabinet, I shall never pick it up again!

Jeff Adams

Jeff brought along two nice armour models. The first was a Tamiya 1:35th SdKfz222 armoured car. Jeff says "I built this 30 years ago but repainted it recently with my new Sparmax airbrush to get some practice with 'whitewash' fading". It seems that he did a great job. (Click on the image to see a bigger version and then blow it up to see how great the finish is).

Jeff's second model was a HobbyBoss 1:35th scale King Tiger (Henschel turret version). This was built out of the box and still needs some detailing and painting to complete it.

John Ovendon

Another determined military modeller, John showed us an unusual subject - a 1:35th scale Revell Fordson W.O.T.6 3 ton lorry. John said that it was an easy build apart from choosing to make the canvas cover out of kitchen roll. He had a lot of trouble getting rid of the pattern on the paper. Anyway, it looks really authentic so well done John.

John's second model on the table was Tamiya 1:35th scale Pz.Kpfw IV G.  This looks pretty good to me but, according to John, it is only part finished so we hope to see again sometime.

Peter Carlo

Peter brought along some more impressive 1:48th scale modern day aircraft. The first was a BAE Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 made from a Revell kit. Peter's comment is "a nice kit but complex assembly"  The underneath shows a plane that is fully loaded with ordnance. I think that he said that there were as many parts in the ordnance as there was in the plane, itself!

His second model was a Kinetic F-35B Lightning in RAF colours(?) It appears that every F-35 out there is painted the same. Even the Israelis haven't changed the colours! Peter's comment here is similar to the previous kit - "Nice kit but complex assembly and paint. Fit three times and glue once."

Peter Terry

Peter is still coming uo with interesting bf109 models. This one is from a KP kit and represents an Israeli "Mule", so called because they were put together in Czechoslovakia, after the war, from whatever bits they had left in the factory. This one represents one of those sent to Israel, in defiance of an arms embargo, in 1948 for use in their war with Egypt. This model represents the first arrival and has a lot of signatures scribbled all over it. Click on the image and enlarge it to see the details.

Peter's second model is an old favourite - an Airfix 1:72nd Feiseler Storch. I don't think that Peter was impressed with the kit as it has been re-issued as an "Airfix Vintage Classic". I got the impression that "vintage" was the right word for it! It is presented as one from the Afrika Corps and having, what is know as, scribble camouflage.

Bill Banks

Bill brought along an Airfix (my how this make is popular!) 1:72nd scale Arado Ar.196 A-2 as used on the Bismarck. There was quite a discussion regarding the Bismarck and about how these planes were used, how one was due to fly off taking all the secret stuff with it but was eventually pushed over the side. I think that Bill had some issues with the struts to the floats but even so, he has made a really good job of what is a small and complex little kit.


All in all, it was a good meeting with lots of conversation and interesting facts exchanged, as usual.  I am sorry about problems with the club web site, which I will resolve - eventually, as Manuel from Fawlty Towers would say. In the meantime, enjoy the images and the video presented here and don't forget to click on them to see them in all their detailed glory.

July 2021 Meeting

 Quite a small turnout this month but a couple of interesting items on the agenda.

New Treasurer Needed

Colin suffered some ill health in the last month and, whilst he is recovered, feels that it is time for him to stand down as Treasurer. It seems that he has been in the role since 1996 which is quite long enough for anyone! Hence, it seems that we are looking for someone to volunteer to take the role on from December this year. Any takers? If so, please email the Chairman.

Extra monthly meetings

Peter also announced that it could be a good idea if there were to be two meetings each month - on the first and third Thursdays respectively. This was put out to the members for some thought with more consideration at the next meeting. The second meeting would be an informal one so, for instance, no "going round the table" but time spent chatting and, perhaps, doing some modelling.

The Table

Firstly, I like to feature one model each month and video it on the mirror turntable. This isn't a "First place" selection, just a random model from the evenings contributions. This month, it is the turn of Bill Banks and his nice little Airfix Auster AOP.9.

Here is another little innovation. I have put all of the photos into a slideshow (with cheesy music!). What do you think?

OK, now to each member's models.

Bill Banks

Bill brought along an Airfix Auster AOP.9. Bill had a story to tell about when he was in the Royal Artillery, when he was younger (grin). The Brigadier had them all go to a tiny little clearing on Luneberg Heath in northern Germany. Next this that Bill knew was that this tiny little Auster flew in and landed in about 60 feet. Very impressive, says Bill. Anyway, he decided that this was worth of a model. However, he was unable to find out anything about the plane, even after going to the RA museum and the International Auster Club so he stayed with the kit decals.

He was disappointed that the structural bars across the top of the cabin were missing from the kit (never moulded rather than lost), especially as they are shown on the box art.

David Pennington

David brought along a Sword Fairey Gannet AEW.3. He had some difficulties with this short run kit but the final effect wasn't all that bad, so long as you don't get too close of course. He used to have a CzechMaster resin resin version that was decked up for a plane that his friend from the Air Scouts used to fly off HMS Eagle. Unfortunately, AlleyCat no longer list these decals and they didn't answer his e-mail so the model represents one flying off HMS Hermes in1968.

John Ovenden

John, as usual, brought along a very nice diorama. This time,  we have a desert scene comprising of an Airfix/Academy 1/35th scale Lee/Grant sat on a diorama base made out of styrofoam covered in silver sand and painted with Tamiya paints. The crew are from Gecko. He says "It was a good model to make and fitted well. The tank crew are posed as having a tea break in the wadi!"

John Rose

As usual, John brought along a box of models, plus his partner! The box contained some goodies that he  told me not to photograph as they were very much W.I.P. and "Fantasy". They were two Shermans that were being built to represent those used during nuclear bomb testing to ascertain damage. Anyway, there were four other excellent models which I did photo.

First up is a PzKfw III in Africa Korps colours. This is a Tamiya 1/35th scale kit.

Next is a US Marines M4A2 recovery tank which I think is Tamiya with scratch-built exhaust stacks.

Here we have a nice little SdKfz 222 anti-tank armoured car from Hobby Boss

Lastly, there was an SdKfz 232 radio/recce 8 wheeled armoured car, again from Tamiya

Peter Carlo

Peter likes to give us some larger than life models and this month he brought along three for us to look at. The first was a Takon 1/35th scale Polish A.P.C.

This had a nice interior. 

Next was an SS23 Spider Launcher from Hobby Boss. This exceeded the limits of my photo booth! This vehicle was a victim of the SALT treaties so never made it in deployment.

Peter had a supply of thin rubber hose so fitted out the business end of the rocket as best as he could, which I think was excellent!

Lastly, he brought along his model of  a Russian SCUD launcher (which we had seen before) but it fitted the theme nicely. Where does he keep all these?

Peter Terry

Lastly, it appears that Peter is still on his mission to model every bf109 that flew! Here are two more - this time bf109F marks. They are both AZ kits and Peter comments that "the build was sustained with lots of coffee!". The first one in "scribble" camouflage from Finland in 1942.

The second one is from the Russian front, again in 1942.


Well, it was a good, if small meeting. It is nice to see Bill's son David becoming a regular for now. Also,  it would be good if I could remember to bring some cash to pay my dues - cash, I seem to remember that from the distant past! Honestly, Colin, I will catch up. Don't forget to think about the Treasurer role and the extra monthly night!

October 2021

 Well, this was the first meeting since this year where the journey both ways was in the dark. Winter draws on, as we used to say. A small g...