June 2021 - Getting back into the swing.

 A quietish meeting with just 9 models on the table - with three from one member - and just nine people. It was good to see Jeff  Adams back. Jeff admitted that lockdown seemed to go on for ever and, like me, found the club a means of keeping going.

Ok back to modelling.

Peter Terry

Peter brought along a Petlyakov PE-2 which he had weathered using pastels and washes. This was from a Bilik boxing of an original Airfix kit.

John Ovenden 

John brought along a very nice winter diorama consisting of parts from a few manufacturers. In the middle there was an Airfix/Academy Pzkfw. V Panther Ausf. G. This was complimented by a Great North Road resin street and building with the human interest added by some Mini-Art German tank crew in winter Garb.

David Pennington

I showed my little 1-72nd scale Airfix Hurricane. I had watched a TV program on building a two-seater hurricane which inspired me to have a go at this small scale kit. The kit went together alright and was finished in early war 1939 French camouflage - i.e. the brown and green uppers with the black and white underneath. One silly thing. I keep the tailpans off the model until it is finished as I find that this makes it easier to mask the underneath painting.  When I came to fit them, I found that I had painted them the wrong colours so I had to get the airbrush out and repaint the black and white!

Colin Ovens

Colin brought along a nice little 1-72nd scaleAirfix Mk.1F Blenheim painted for 29 squadron. I seem to remember that he brought this as a W.I.P. some time ago so it is nice to see it finished.

Jeff Adams

It was good to see Jeff back but he had a little surprise for us. Instead of one of his immaculate Shermans, he brought along a Tiger I diorama comprising of a Tamiya kit and Tamiya/Italeri accessories. The surprise was that this diorama was built in 1979! I won't divulge how old that makes Jeff - grin.

Bill Banks

Once again, Bill was accompanied by his son from the USA - David - who seems to enjoy our little meets - at least he gets well stuck into conversations. Bill brought along some work in progress. This was a Trimpeter 1-72nd scale model of a Vickers Wellington and Bill had some interesting things to tell us about the plane and its service. It seems to have been the only bomber that served from the outbreak of the 2nd world war through to the final days. We look forward to seeing this finished.

Peter Carlo

Peter loves his big models and we had three choice examples on the table. The first was a Kinetic, bare metal, FJ-2 Fury. This was spectacularly well done. At this scale, every imperfection shows but this had none.

Next up was a 1-48 F-101 Voodoo in RCAF marking. This was from a Kittyhawk kit. Peter says that, if you take care and clean every part up, these models go together beautifully so - patience everyone!

Lastly, for tonight, he showed us a Trumpeter F-106A Delta Dart. 

This had a highly detailed weapons bay. 

He made similar comments about this one. You really should click on the photos and look at these in a larger format and you will be amazed at the quality.


There are some brilliant modellers in our little club and we should all be proud of what goes on our table. It is good to be back together again and I look forward to seeing you all once again on the 1st July.

May 2021 - Our first real meeting in many months

 So, we are back together again. How nice it is to chat to someone outside of your own close family.

This month, we were please to welcome David Banks - Bill's son currently visiting from the USA.

There was an amazing 23 models on the table provided by six people. What a great start to normality.

Colin Ovens

Colin brought along some of his Cuban Air Force collection - namely, a MiG-15 UTI, a MiG-17 and a MiG-21. All were 1/72nd scale Airfix kits. In addition, he brought a Revell 1/72nd scale PBY-5A Catalina, which was a big of a pig to make, by all accounts.

Geoff Woods

Geoff brought three of his impeccably finished figurines. He uses acrylics for the base colours and details using oils. (I just can't get on with oils so I am always impressed with Geoff's finishing).

First up was a Frank Miniatures 75mm Hessen Kassel Jaeger.

Next up was  a Castle Miniatures Landsnecht mercenary c14th-15thC, also 75mm.

Lastly, for those old enough to remember the film, Geoff brought along a 1/10th scale bust of Trevor Howard in the guise of Lord Cardigan from the Charge of the Light Brigade (1968)

John Ovenden

I get easily confused, nowadays, so when John brought along four externally similar Sherman tanks, I lost track of which one was which. It seems that he was recreating Shermans from the film "Fury" from 2014 and starring Brad Pitt. Somewhere in here are models by Italeri, World of Tanks and Zvezda comprising M4A3 and M4E8 Sherman variants.

Intending to impress, he also brought along his amazing 1/32nd scale Hobby Boss N.A. B-25 Mitchell. We have seen this in the virtual meetings but nothing prepares you for seeing it in reality.

Peter Carlo

Peter brought along two very nice 1/48th scale aircraft. The first was a Kinetic Lockheed F-104G Starfighter in Lufwaffe markings. The second was a Hobby Boss Su-27 Flanker.  Peter has shown us his skill in recreating these complex (computer generated) markings. He tells us it is simple but we never believe him. It seems to require a huge amount of masking effort.

and the underneath!

He , like John, brought along a large model previously seen in the virtual meetings. This one is a 1/48th scale Italeri Osprey. Again, it is great to see it in the flesh.

Peter Terry

Peter is another one that overwhelmed me with models. His little (?) collection was 6 Messerschmitt bf-109e models from a variety of makers.

He tells us that he has plenty more of these coming!


Firstly, don't forget that you can see larger copies of the images by double clicking on each one. Click on the back arrow of the browser to get back to the blog. Secondly, I didn't do too well with recording the models (sorry) and my remote release stopped working so I had some trouble with photographing the models in my newly constructed light booth. I will endeavour to do better next month - we are back to meeting on the first Thursday - 3rd June. I look forward to seeing you all there.

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