August 2020 - Back to normal, ish

 We finally got together again at the beginning of August. There was a good showing of 20 models on the table with our usual great spread of interest. The full details of each model  are on the club website. I must apologise  as I have lost my notes so the descriptions are a bit bland. This also accounts for the late showing of the blog entry for this month!

Geoff Woods turned up with five really great figurines. As ever, he treated us to a display of figures worthy of a gold medal in any competition.


Bill Banks, struggling as usual with an old Airfix kit, brought us a nice 1/72nd scale Walrus.

Colin had been very prolific with four models on the table. There was a little 1/72nd scale Royal Navy Corsair IV and a Bristol Blenheim that gave him some interesting moments.

He also spent some time on increasing his range of Cuban aircraft, which seems to be his 2020 theme,


I brought along three little 1/35th dioramas that got built during my time shielding.  I must say that the Flak 36 was one of the most complex kits that I have ever built. Also, I was very impressed with the Airfix Hetzer - a nice kit.

 Peter Carlo brought us two 1/48th scale aircraft. I must say that his efforts with the Swedish camouflage paid off. I heard his description of the masking process and didn't understand a word of it as it seemed to be very complex. Well done, Peter.


John Ovenden showed us three 1/35th armour. Again, I am amazed at the efforts and skills people in our club show as the Amusing Hobbies(!!) model was as large as you can get in my little photo booth and needed 10 images for stacking to get everything in focus!


Last but not least we come to Peter Terry who showed us three of his 1/72nd works over lockdown. There were two nice little Airfix classics - a DUKW and a (WIP) Buffalo.


To round off the collection there was Peter's Lavochkin LA7, from Peter's favourite KP manufacturer.

Once again, I would like to say how lucky we are to have such a great set of modellers in our little group. Lastly, I would like to thank Peter for making sure that we had a club room to come back to.

See you all at the next meeting - the day that War broke out!


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