No. 1 Virtual Coffee Break - May 2020

Welcome to our first virtual coffee break for May. This time, Peter Terry is telling us about an exciting book that he got from "The Works" for £7.00. Mind you, as I am self-isolating and not allowed out, I am not sure what good that does me - grin - seeing as how it is £19.25 in hardback on Amazon! Any way. Here goes...

Panzer Ace - The memoirs of an Iron Cross Panzer Commander from Barbarossa to Normandy

 by  Richard-Freiherr-von-Rosen and Robert Forczyk

This is a really enjoyable read whether your into tanks in a big way or not. Written by a Tiger Tank commander who saw action in Russia including the main event - the battle Kursk - and going on to see further battles in Normandy. He relates some of the problems from Russian dust clogging up engines to shortages of paint to camouflage their tanks and having to improvise other camouflage methods, All good modelling information. 

Reading through the chapters you get to know the individual crew members - all very young and battle hardened. There are a liberal amount of personnel photos by the author Richard von Rosen. 

By the time you close on the last chapter you need to be looking for a Tiger Tank model in your chosen Scale. For the price of seven pound from the works this is a must buy.


Virtual meeting - May 2020

Well, we have a lot of contributions this month. Thanks to Geoff Woods, Jeff Adams, John Rose, Peter Carlo, Arthur Banyard, Bill Banks, Peter Terry and Bill Banks. I have added my small contribution.

It's easier to let them speak for themselves.

Geoff Woods

"Attached are a couple of Photos of latest finished models The  figure is 120mm Mitche's Military Models Rogers Ranger and the bust is Nuts Planet 1/10 scale French Guard ,General Winter 1812."

Jeff Adams

The Panzer Mark 2, is the Dragon kit of the "F" variant of this German light tank. The model is very detailed with a plethora of small parts including many for the interior - which cannot be seen once the hull and turret are buttoned up! I painted this example in desert camouflage sand using my Iwata TR1 airbrush and a mixture of Tamiya and Mr Color acrylics. I like to mix the two together before spraying. This is because alone, the Tamiya pigment can give a chalky finish, whereas the Mr Color paint alone, is somewhat shiny. Together they give a very slight sheen, which I find most pleasing. The figure in the cupola is just a Hornet head with some semblance of a pair of shoulders below.

Panzer Mark 2

The other model is a Games Workshop Warhammer 40k vehicle, which I had in my stash from years ago, when my two sons were into wargaming. The plastic kit has a small parts count, but was upgraded using some resin doors decorated with skulls and banners. These resin pieces came from Forge World and were designed to be used specifically with this kit. I enjoyed trying to get the colour (Ultramarines Blue) correct using Tamiya and Mr Color acrylic paints from each of their WW2 Pacific Carrier-plane ranges. The regalia (skulls etc) was painted using brown oil paint, glazes over a buff acrylic undercoat and then dry-brushing with various shades of cream and white.

Peter Carlo


This is a MENG kit and, if you are looking for something to occupy your time, this is the kit for you. It is nicely complex but goes together well – no filler at all! Tracks just snap together but, check the length, the kit tells you to use too many links.

It’s a bit like an aircraft to build. You start with the interior and there is lots of detail. The slat armour needs painting before you assemble. It’s very fiddly but worth it.

The main dozer blade comes in several pieces and needs to be left to set before springing into place on the chassis. Tracks and running gear are separate assemblies and can be left until the final assembly but, use a nice flat surface to get the correct ‘set’.

All the hydraulic ram shafts are made from polished aluminium tube which gives a great look.

To give a sense of scale I found a figure to stand in the top hatch because these things are huge! I could not find any film of them in action with Israel but there is one on several episodes of the TV program ‘Goldrush’ on the Discovery channel.

 In all, a great kit. Enjoyable and an interesting build.

Bill Banks

A friend is an active sailor and boat owner. she asked me to make some extra models fo table top instruction during the winter.I used balsa which I found not a particularly easy material for this application. End grain is rough and sanding generates lots of fine dust. However varnishing gave a better surface for painting.Good for the flying boys of course and is used in laminates in full side planes.The end result was better than expected and made a change in lockdown. Should make explaining points of sailing easier when instructing.

WIP Heller Humbrol  tug 1:200 Samson Jean Bart. Progress has been a little slow but near the end. what remains are life boats lights masts and aerials.Has been a little tricky at times as the large number of small items demands thought before painting.However it has been enjoyable so far and I am ready for another boat some time. In the background is my next project.It is my first kit where the plastic colour is intended to be the finish colour.Colin recommends painting as the decals do not react well with the bare plastic.I shall of course follow his advice.And I happen to have a Humbrol rattle can of Midnight Blue.

Update - now finished, Box says Samson but contents aimed at Jean Bart the sister ship, A. bit tricky in places, My EZLine was too fine for the rigging really but any cotton line I had was too thick,It was like knitting with spider web,The front mast was missing from the kit so it had to be fabricated,Will do another boat but one not so fussy - say an MTB.

John Ovenden

Here is my contribution for this month. It’s the 1 1/2 ton LRDG truck from Tamya with crew along with a diorama from Great North Roads

 Arthur Banyard

Arthur has sent me a lot of information and images for his recent build of an Airfix Lighting F6. I will be putting this together as an article - more later. In the meantime, here are some images of the completed item.

Colin Ovens
As with Arthur, Colin has provided enough information for an interesting article - if you can ignore the *** and !!! included - grin. Here a couple of finished versions. Again, more details later.

Peter Terry

Hi David, My latest kit, The ICM Ki27b Japanese fighter early war period in action in China 1939 –1940 in 1/72nd scale. A very nice build, excellent mouldings with finely engraved panel lines and much detail in the engine that would lend its self to a diorama, Comes with four choices of markings for the price of £8.99, it's very good value. I completed it by hand painting Tamiya Japanese Army grey green typical for the early period.

John Rose

Here's some info for pics.

All 32nd scale, all OOB with some scratch build where noted.

Both phantoms are Revell. The only additional work was the seats were detailed (doubt if they're 100% accurate but......) and the rear seaters dash panel had a little tweak so as not to look bare. The black spook has shop bought fod guards and the wild horse I just made up. (the thing is with these kits is they have no intake detail - and it's a big intake.

Next up is the Revell 109G10. Now, this is a nice kit. If you haven't built a Revell 32,then you are missing some fine kits. Sometimes, you wonder at the break down, but they fit and the detail is there if you want OOB. The only thing I add are set belts - they will be seen!

Next is a Fujimi 190D. Now, this is a blast from the seventies and back then they were the dogs dangles of the modelling fraternity. I got this from evil Bay and oh my, it also included a lot of resin correction parts. True to form, I used one part and that is the cowling with open flaps. No reason other than it was there.

Next is the UHU I brought in a couple of months back. Lovely kit, lots of detail (some of it is pointless in my humble opinion, as you can't see it. This, and the Mosquito are both Revell and both about 75% done. (need decals for Mos as they disintegrated in water. Also very thick and just wouldn't lay down even with lots of Microsol)

Also finished but not photographed, the Takon Lee CDL, and a couple of Star Wars space ships (with the grandkids). They were fun (my input - keeping them interested, masking the canopies and solar panels and supervision of the airbrushing!!)

On the bench at moment, four various spits in 32 - hobby boss  Vb/Trop, Revell Mk. IXc, Hasegawa VI and Revell 22/24(ex matchbox - oh god, why???)

Here's a teaser for you all (except Peter and Colin) - what is the difference between a spit 22&24??

Stay safe all, see you some time!

David Pennington

Lastly, my contribution. I have been concentrating more on figures over the last few months. These two are both fictitious Japanese Ninja Trolls. The first is an all metal one from Alexandros Models in 90mm size. It needed so pins to get it together as it is very heavy!

Secondly, on a similar theme is the Nuts Planet 1/10th scale bust of a troll called Onibi. It was fun trying to get the flame to look realistic - and I think that I failed!

Yes, she does really have bronze metallic skin!


Thank you to everyone that sent in a contribution. I think it is unlikely that we will get back before July so please plan for a June Virtual meeting. Just make sure that we haven't seen the model before and then, anything goes! Happy modelling.

David Pennington

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