October 2021 First social meeting

 I won't be blogging every social meeting as there is really only two things that happen - some of us do a little bit of modelling and everyone has a really good chat to everyone else. But, as this was the first one, I thought that it needed noting. Well here we go!

I managed to get a bit of a wave from most them.

Well that's it really. I brought along  a KP Spitfire, because Peter has been promoting these kits so earnestly. It's a nice little kit but is missing all of the attachment pins and slots that one gets used to with a Tamiya kit. Apart from that it is beautifully moulded.

Well, the plan was good. However, there was so much conversation that this is as far as I got.

Never mind, it was a great evening. So much so that I left about 30 minutes later than normal!

Well, all that's left to do is to celebrate the evening with some snaps of the boys. Some smile and others - well, see for yourself!

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